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Wonder Feet Cleaner



Wonder Feet Cleaner

Are you a foot massage lover, but you are reluctant to go for it due to expensive service? What if you get one daily and free of cost? We bring you this affordable luxury, Wonder Feet Cleaner, which will allow you to enjoy the foot spa at home and also, will not let you bend down to clean and exfoliate your feet.

We, Indians, have the habit to walk bare feet at home, which is not a good way to protect your feet. Thus, this is one of the best foot massagers that will also act like a feet scrubber.  

The foot massage cleaner looks like a flip-flop, which has over 1,000 soft, rejuvenating bristles that gently massage and clean the top of your feet, in between your toes and the bottom of your feet. 

This feet massage product will be very useful for elderly members of your family who have the difficulty to bend down. You can clean, scrub and massage your feet -- from heel to toe -- conveniently without losing your balance in the shower. 

How To Use Wonder Feet Cleaner?

  1. Take out the product from the box and place it on your bathroom floor or bathtub.
  2. The feet cleaner has a suction cup at the bottom which grips to the floor and makes it easy to rub your feet in it.
  3. While taking a shower, apply little body shampoo or feet scrubbing/cleansing product on your feet.
  4. Now, rub your feet and clean the dry rough skin from your heel to toe to get a smooth and tidy foot.

So, don’t waste time and bring this Wonder Feet Cleaner home!

Wonder Feet Cleaner Features

  • Easy to use
  • Exfoliates your feet from heel to toe
  • Soft rejuvenating bristles gently massage and clean feet
  • Built-in pumice stone for rough dry heels
  • Suction cup bottom grips firmly to any floor
  • No need to bend to scrub your feet
  • Perfect for people of all ages, especially old people
  • Designed for use in your bathtub or shower 

Wonder Feet CleanerSpecifications

  • Material: Plastic
  • Dimensions: 28cm (L)*14cm(W)*10cm(D)
  • Color: Blue

Wonder Feet Cleaner Box Content

1 * Shower Foot Cleaner & Scrubber